Ryan Munday captures skaters in a series based around Southbank Centre’s ‘Undercroft’.

“The Southbank’s Undercroft stands as a landmark and, home for skateboarders in
London. In this work, I have explored the Undercroft, From the dents in the concrete
tiles to statements from the generation that skate there today, describing what the
Undercroft means to them: not only as a place to skate, but as a home Fifty years
since its creation.
The work looks at the culture with the perspective of respect and dignity, with a
medium format camera showing the culture in alight in which it is unusually
represented showing them in a pose of stature, therefore creating a subversion of
the appearance of delinquents that has been built up over skate-boarding’s attitude
to deviate from societal norms”- Ryan Munday

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