Danielle Madeley is a recent graduate from Falmouth University, U.K. whose work predominantly explores the notions of community. She aims to initiate a discussion of the society’s place within art and art’s place within society by engaging her local community in the production of work that is celebratory of their homeland.

The Knot is a materialised meditation of a homeland; a record of the conflicting ideas of comfort and convulsion akin to the emotions felt with regards to native soil.

A community is the interwoven lives of different generations, a seamless unspoken memoir of times passed and present; a collective history that forms the foundations of the people it encompasses. The photographs are the consolidation of work made over a yearlong period, documenting the parallaxes of growing up in the county of Staffordshire and the tumultuous relationship with identity as a member of that community.

With the intention of revealing the splendour seen by those who reside within the borders of the county, the work presents an almost illusory interpretation of community life within the expanse. The Knot is a journey of introversive contemplation, made from within the verges of the motherland.

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