February 21, 2018

We chatted to Mon Levchenkova about her final major project at LCC and why she based it around her hometown of Hampstead, London.

February 20, 2018

Being a student, everything you own is often confined to your bedroom, young people use this space as a canvas for self expression. Distant Comfort is a series that examines the ways in which young people express themselves through the objects and arrangements of their bedrooms; this is a place that is open to experimentation and freedom. From photographs to tapestries and posters, everything is a form of self expression.

February 14, 2018

Prague and Bratislava based Visual artist, Deana Kolenčíková finished her project – ‘Is this it?’ in 2013 whilst studying at University. After finishing her BA, she continued studying photography and fine arts as an MA. Having the experiences of exploring and focusing on the public space, she started using different mediums and tools. Deana currently works with installations, interventions in public space, photography and performances.

Harry Flook - Beyond What Is Written
February 9, 2018

This year our Editor James Wrigley has been putting together a new publication. Contested Territories, due for release over the next month, is a collection of works exploring modern day society from photographers, writers and creatives all of whom examine, –

February 9, 2018

In his latest project, Nazar Furyk takes a step back from photojournalism and documents every day life of young people in his hometown. Kolomyia born, Nazar graduated from the Kiev College of Construction, Architecture and Design with a degree in –

February 7, 2018

“On the 17th February 2013 I packed a suitcase with enough clothes for a week, alongside my camera & some film, my laptop and got on a train to London. I had just received the news I was to start –

February 5, 2018

Brooklyn based Kate Truisi’s work explores mortality, sustainability and interactions between humans and nature. In her latest project, The Skywatchers, Kate traveled to the self-proclaimed UFO capital of New York to document life in the town where around 2,000 sightings –

February 3, 2018

Luke Saxon has now began his journey across the country for his month-long project, Anyroad. Anyroad is an exploration of contemporary British culture through the medium of photography. Luke started his trip in Lands End and from there will travel –

January 31, 2018

Playing in various bands and watching numerous shows, Barcelona based photographer David Garcerán’s grainy black and white photographs feature punk bands and gigs from all over the world between 2015-17. Mainly inspired by 80’s punk bands and photographers such as –

January 27, 2018

Ruby Robinson and Hana Latif are a Manchester based photographic duo exploring womanhood. As their work often swims into multiple ‘genres’ they see themselves more of artists working with themes of sense and form. Both photographers focus on unnoticed details –